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Season of flowering

When last traces of winter on the mountains disappear, when many colours are replacing white, when body and soul desire sun and relax, our area of vacancy offers a lot of options to wake up the positive feelings.

Spring with its holiday periods and long weekends (Eastern, Pentecost, ascension of Christ weekend) is a particular and varied season. You can do a lot of activities, in a climate usually very mild and sunny.

So bicycling is quite trendy. South Tyrol's bike network is well expanded and extends across the whole region with a total length of about 400 km, only bicylce route, no cars. From the West to East is about 250 km and from North to South is about 150 km. Mühlbachs lies very near to a main route like the Brennero-Bolzano route and is crossed by the Bressanone-Brunico-Lienz bike line.

If You prefer motorized help, explore with motorbike ambitious curves and our passes. You will be rewarded by a marvellous mountain scenery that will keep your breath away.

Or just walking and strolling through flowering apple fields, near medioeval buildings testimonials of a rich culture. Just bring yourself again in shape after a winter stay at home.

Visit also our lakes or Castel Trauttmansdorff Merano.
Flowering spring and sun has arrived and winter is gone.