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The town

Mühlbach (german) or Rio di Pusteria (italian)

Climatically mild and almost very sunny every month, Mühlbach, Rio di Pusteria is also lain geographically ideally: a gaze on the map of South-Tyrol will convince you that we virtually live in the heart of South-Tyrol. So you will get to the most beautiful goals in our region with very short trips.

TownWappenMuhlbachAs the next highway-entrance is only at 4 km on a very important north-south-route like the Autobrennero, it is also a good valid transit accomodation option, if Your travel from North-Europe to Italy or viceversa is quite long.

Politically the place has a population of 3.000 on an area of 84.1 square kilometres which is spread in the main site and 3 fractions, Meransen (italian: Maranza), Spinges (italian: Spinga), Vals (italian: Valles), mainly villages and hamlets, Lowest point of Mühlbach is around 700 metres, hightest around 3200 metres.

Historically the first certain mention of Mühlbach Rio di Pusteria way from 1050, but there are some tracks, which let suspect, that the town is even more older. In medioeval the village was a smaller trading center and it is still today. Narrow, romantic streets, medioeval walls, welcoming and flowering squares, weekly tipical markets will show, that You are in a precious place.

Important buildings are The Castle of Mühlbach, the Ansitz Kandelburg, the Ansitz Strasshof and some ecclesiastical buildings like church of St. Helena, Ansitz Freienthurn, the Mariahilf-chapel and the Florian Chapel.

Skiing and hiking area Gitschberg - Jochtal